Crowdsource Sentiment Before Launching Your ICO.

We provide community-based unbiased, unfiltered actionable insights on ICOs, allowing companies to get a snapshot of how the market will react to the project before releasing to the world. Get feedback from 1,000+ ICO investors on your project today.


What We Do.

We are bringing a new level of legitimacy to blockchain technologies by enabling you to make smart decisions through comprehensive reports.


Comprehensive Insights.

All reviews are captured from a community of ICO investors with verified investment track records.


Quick Turnaround Time.

In-depth research and reporting on your project can be completed in as little as two weeks. We get you the answers you need to take action.


Access to Investors.

We capture the attention of strong advocates, investors and the community-at-large. Build your investor confidence organically.

No public disclosure without your consent. We respect your privacy and reputation.

Who This is For.

ICOs are expensive to execute, difficult to promote, and risky to invest in. Get private market feedback from ICO investors before going to launch. You only get ONE shot to market ICOs and you want to get it right or else it’s MILLIONS of dollars wasted.

Investors & Enthusiasts.

Investors & Enthusiasts.

Investors who are looking to invest into ICOs.

ICO Teams & Advisors.

ICO Teams & Advisors.

ICO Teams & Advisors looking for social proof or marketing messaging.

Government & Law Firms.

Government & Law Firms.

Government & law firms looking for investor sentiment on tokens.

Our Analysis.

The process can be customized per your needs. Clients have control over the questions and metrics for discovery, and projects undergo a minimum of 3 rounds of reviews to ensure that questions and answers get fully answered and are consistent in response.

Our process begins by extracting genuine opinions from our large community of experienced investors.



We analyze your presentation, and your ambitions.



We tell you how the community feels about your branding.



We review your presentation and token economics.



We dive into your team’s background & capabilities.



We analyze your product, and compare it against others.



We analyze your Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, etc.

Comprehensive Reports With Actionable Insights.

All reviews are captured from ICO investors with verified investment track records.
Here’s how the reports break down:


Smart Summary.

Aggregate scores from the community with actionable feedback.


Expert Diligence.

Actionable insights from community regarding sentiment of your token launch.


Founder Q&A.

Community questions (live video option available) with the team to generate confidence.



Use the report as a badge of honor to promote your project and build confidence.

Note: We do not publicly promote nor release reports without your consent.

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